Take your business completely into the cloud for the ultimate in business agility and IT reliability!

Most of our Azure clients love Azure for the best of breed cloud-based, on demand infrastructure services it provides; and we love helping our clients take advantage of them and maintain their systems within them. However, if you do not have custom applications or services within your company OR have the need to self-host off the shelf systems Azure has a lot to offer your company for security, reliability and performance.

Secure Your Data & Systems with Ease

While automatically provided with Office 365, Azure Active Directory provides a security platform that enables single sign on capabilities to your devices and many – if not most – of your applications from anywhere at anytime. It also provides advanced security options to make it easy to secure your company’s information without all the hoops to jump though. This system even makes it easy to audit user access to resources in case something does go wrong. If you need regulatory compliance with HIPAA, SoX or other regulations – Azure AD has the solutions to make it a snap.

Reliable Data Storage

Azure also provides secure and reliable data storage solutions. We can help you leverage Azure to securely place files you may not want in Office 365 or less secure platforms. With Azure storage solutions combined with Azure Information Protection – you can get files stored securely in the cloud for instant access from anywhere with top of the line and easy to use security precautions.

Integrate Your Existing Applications for Increased Agility!

Lastly, we can help you leverage Azure to integrate your systems together. Most companies have a great off-the-shelf software to do key tasks within their business. However, often times that data stays in that software instead of being shared quickly and efficiently with your other software to help you provide the best possible service to your customers. With Azure we can help you tie all of your software together and get it all talking together to help power your team.