Our ongoing Managed Service Program Provides Your Business Continuity Based On Your Priorities

Monthly Reviews

A monthly meeting to review how technology is helping your business achieve its goals, where it is getting in the way, and where it may be able to help. Also a review of your technology roadmap to make sure it still aligns with your business’ priorities and budget.

Project Envisioning

Once the need for an initiative or project that involves implementing new technology or enhancing existing technology is determined, our team can help draft vision and scope documents that outline the business goals, business risks, key features, estimated costs, and overall solution vision for the project. This includes researching potential off the shelf and custom development solutions to make sure the vision points the project in the right direction. These can then be used during monthly reviews to adjust the roadmap your have envisioned for your business.

Managed System Improvements

If the system is a custom built system or an off the shelf piece of software, our software and development team will be available either to make ongoing enhancments, a tweek to a website, or improve the solution’s integrations with your other systems.

Don’t Forget the Support Team!

Combine this service with a managed support package for your system to get a great end to end service that allows your team to take advantage of the technology without having to know how to keep it running.