Scott Gibson

Chief Engineer, Founder

Scott is the driving force behind the technology at Sound Power Solutions. He started out his career by founding a small information technology consulting firm that worked with companies including Nestle USA, easy Diabetes, and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). He then went onto start other companies that provided personal health records and health management tools along with a human resource information  system delivered as a Software-as-a-Service option to small and medium businesses. He has also worked at Microsoft and was a lead technical architect Iron Mountain. Prior to founding Sound Power Solutions he worked with a Puget Sound area utility to develop a robust set of applications and application support processes for its power management operations. Throughout his career, Scott has built a reputation for creation secure, reliable solutions to complex business problems in innovative and cost-effective ways. He has extensive software and biomedical development project management experience and has worked with some of the nation’s leaders in the fields. Gibson has degrees in biomedical and electrical engineering from the University of Southern California.

Suzzanne Hetrick

Business Manager, Project Manager

Suzzanne Hetrick has worked as a business manager and executive assistant to several companies throughout the healthcare industry. Her experience in understanding business needs and business valuation helps Sound Power Solutions ensure it is able to find the most effective solutions to their clients’ problems. She also works as the project manager on most of our projects ensuring all project team members have what they need to make sure we deliver solutions to our clients on time and on budget.

Jason Hetrick

Business Development Manager, Business Systems Analyst

Jason leverages 15+ years of data analysis and marketing experience to create custom solutions for individual businesses.  His extensive background includes launching some of the most successful regional casinos in Washington state and creating custom tracking systems to maximize the understanding of data and customer participation. Jason uses his knowledge of customer interaction to create compelling content, targeted solutions for email, social media, Google, YouTube, and Bing ad campaigns.  Not limited to these formats, Jason understands how to integrate multiple channels and turn visits into conversions.

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